u Wellness Club

u wellness club is run by one of the best PTs in the business and offers a beautiful space to train hard with bespoke, targeted workouts that GET RESULTS. Come and treat yourself to a recovery session with infrared sauna, cryotherapy or hyperbaric chamber.

All full-time students are eligible to use u wellness club. Just show your student ID at the front desk to gain access during open hours Monday through Friday.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center offers a variety of health and fitness options. The modern facility is equipped with a weight room, cardio room and personal training studio. There are also several Zumba, Pilates and Yoga classes offered each semester.

The space is designed to allow your mind and body to take a break from the daily grind, cleanse, relax and enjoy some stillness. We believe a considered balance between movement and stillness is needed to attain true health.

Our wellness space offers recovery services including cryotherapy and infrared sauna as well as strength improvement through one-on-one personal training & reformer pilates. Membership to the Wellness Center is free for all full-time students with valid ID and their guests. The facility is open to the public as well, but guests must present a guest pass.

Fitness Center

Our modern facility is fully equipped to meet your cardio and weight training needs. With a variety of exercise equipment, two basketball courts and an indoor track, you’ll find everything you need to get active.

Memberships are free for currently enrolled UM-Flint students with an MCard. Guest passes and specialty fitness classes are available.

Get one-on-one fitness training from a certified personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals—whether that’s toning, building muscle mass or getting prepared for an event. Recovery services like cryotherapy and infrared sauna are also offered. We believe in a considered balance between movement and stillness to attain true wellness. Become the best version of you through accountability and longevity protocols. You’ll see results in our gym and your life beyond.

Yoga Studio

One of the best ways to get started in yoga is to find a studio that is close to home. Then, you can attend classes regularly and build up your practice. The more consistent you are in your practice, the better you will feel.

Located in the heart of Arcadia, this yoga studio is a great place for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. It offers a variety of different classes, including yogalates, which is an east meets west fitness class that builds core strength and improves posture.

The Yoga Studio at u wellness club is a holistic focused yoga and strength studio for graceful aging, rooted in sustainable fitness techniques. They offer a full class schedule, personal training, TRX training, group fitness, and more!

Wellness Programs

u wellness club offers programs that promote a physically active lifestyle, stress reduction and healthy eating habits. The program offerings include group exercise classes, clinics and series, personal training and a variety of fitness events.

Occupational wellness is finding fulfillment and satisfaction from one’s work. Physical wellness is a balanced body and mind that provides strength, confidence, and endurance to perform occupational pursuits, recreational activities and family obligations.

Dearborn Support advocates for students navigating difficult life events and provides food assistance, computer and device rentals, sanitary supplies and more. Student Health Services provides preventative health services, such as Vaccine Days and Get Yourself Tested events. Additional preventative services include nutrition counseling and risk reduction education. These services are available at a discounted rate for student members.

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