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We are excited to introduce y wellness 24/7, a virtual fitness program available as part of your membership! This platform offers 150 live classes per week and hundreds of on-demand options led by Y instructors in collaboration with 29 YMCA associations across Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania.

The Y Wellness 24/7 app highlights live, upcoming classes on the home screen and offers a search bar for all offerings.

YMCA Members Only

As a member, you get to take charge of your well-being. We’re committed to supporting your health and fitness goals and making sure you have access to the equipment, classes, and support you need. Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and stress. And the endorphins you experience from a workout will keep you feeling good even after you leave the gym!

Y members enjoy exclusive access to their local facility, including indoor pools, fitness center and cycle studio. We also offer free guest passes so you can bring a friend and try out the Y before committing to membership.

Membership fees are automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month, or you can pay in-person at the front desk with cash, check or credit card. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Heels are not allowed in the facilities as they scratch tile and other surfaces.

Access to 14,000+ On-Demand Classes

Y Wellness 24/7 offers over 150 live weekly classes and hundreds of on-demand classes led by YMCA instructors in training, mindfulness, nutrition and stress management. The virtual platform is a collaboration with 29 YMCA associations across Pennsylvania and New York.

The Y is proud to offer members the opportunity to participate in this virtual workout option. This feature can be accessed through the Y Connect App via a new tile labeled “Y Wellness 24/7” or by visiting www.ywellness24/7.com. Once logged in, you will need to add your home YMCA, an email address and password. The site also has helpful FAQ videos to help you get started!

The Y will continue to provide a variety of group exercise classes at the Marion Family YMCA. We have a great schedule of classes focusing on strength, cardio and balance training, yoga, Tai Chi, cycling, boot camp and more. All of these classes are included with your full membership.

Connect with Your Local Y

Y Wellness 24/7 offers members the chance to connect with their local Y community while at home or on the go! The virtual platform has more than 150 live and on-demand classes per week led by our nurturing and motivating YMCA instructors. Weekly choices include cycling, Tai Chi, dance jam, country heat, cardio sculpt and bootcamp. Plus, licensed classes such as RUMBLE and PIYO are available along with senior classes including ZUMBA GOLD, Better Balance and Senior Circuit.

To get started, simply click on the Y Wellness 24/7 tile in your Y Connect app or visit the Y website to create an account. Once your account is established you can start taking classes immediately! There is also a helpful FAQ area to help you navigate your new account. In addition to fitness classes, there are cooking and mindfulness/meditation classes as well. All designed to help you reach your health goals and live your best life!

Stay Connected

Once you have logged into your virtual wellness platform account, you can view the schedule of live classes and on-demand classes through the website or download the BurnAlong App. The website also has helpful FAQ videos that demonstrate how to follow an instructor, retake a class or favorite a class!

In partnership with YMCA associations from across the country, the Marion Family Y has added y wellness 24/7 as an additional benefit to our members. Our virtual platform offers 150+ live and on-demand classes each week led by over 120 nurturing and motivating Y instructors. Choose from cycling, Tai Chi, dance jam, country heat, RUMBLE, PIYO and more. Plus, senior classes including ZUMBA GOLD, Better Balance and Senior Circuit. Get started today! Just click the y wellness 24/7 tile in the Y Connect App or visit www.ywellness247.com to login!

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