Whatsapp X Wellness – Using WhatsApp Business API and Rasayel to Inspire Your Clients to Stay on Track With Their Fitness Journey

In a time when excessive news and rumors threaten psychological well-being, digital technology offers innovative ways to disseminate government health messages. Here, we replicated previous findings linking COVID-19 news exposure with distress and assessed whether subscription to an official WhatsApp channel mitigates risk.

The results showed that, after controlling for news exposure, depression and anxiety symptoms were attenuated by use of the channel. This effect was robust even when situational and demographic factors were controlled for.

1. Talk to friends

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps around, especially among friends and family who are scattered across different countries. It lets you send text messages and make free video or voice calls.

The app also has options to incorporate Memojis and files of all types, including document-based ones. Its voice message feature is useful for when you are on the go and can’t type text or just prefer a quick conversation by phone.

You can also control which types of media WhatsApp saves to your device’s storage, such as photos and videos. This will help conserve mobile data and space. You can also find out how much data WhatsApp has used on your phone and what it has downloaded by visiting Settings, then Data and Storage Usage.

2. Stay active

With the app’s latest feature you can choose to keep messages on your phone for only one week if you need more space. It’s a great way to get back in control of your phone usage and feel more at ease with your digital health.

You can also customise how WhatsApp saves media, making sure calls use as little data as possible. You can check and review your media download history via Settings > Storage and Data.

You can control who can see your last seen, online status, profile photo and more by going to Settings > Privacy. You can also hide your online presence from certain contacts or groups. Plus, you can disable read receipts on a chat-by-chat basis.

5. Exercise

Inspire your clients to stay on track with their fitness journey by sending them reminders about class schedules, reservations, and upcoming events. Using WhatsApp Business API with a shared team inbox solution like Rasayel makes this possible for you to provide prompt service and build loyalty among your members.

Encourage your clients to share their workout results with you on WhatsApp – from weight loss milestones to strength gains. This real-time interaction builds accountability and helps your clients get the motivation they need to push further.

Keep your clients motivated and committed to their fitness journey with exclusive promotions and special offers on WhatsApp. The direct and personal nature of this communication channel creates a sense of value and appreciation for your services, thus increasing retention.

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